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When restoring a full arch (upper or lower jaw) there are several options of restoration to consider. Below is a description of each type of available restoration. Schedule your free consultation today to meet with the doctors and a treatment coordinator to discuss which option is right for you! 

Hybrid (screwed in place): 

 For a Hybrid arch we place 5-6 implants spaced throughout the jaw that are used to anchor the new teeth. Because the bite forces are evenly distributed over all of the implants we often times can attach the new teeth the same day that we place the dental implants. These teeth are permanently screwed into place and are only removed once a year by the doctor for a cleaning and exam. The prosthesis is very slim and can be brushed like normal teeth. A water pick is provided to you to clean around the new teeth. 

Over Denture (snap-in): 

An Over Denture allows us to eliminate a lot of the palletal portion of a traditional upper denture and provide you with a much slimmer prosthesis. This denture attaches to a series of dental implant that provide additional stability that cannot be achieved with a traditional denture. Like a traditional denture, this prosthesis requires nightly removal. The placement of implants helps stabilize bone and slow the loss of bone which often leads to a traditional denture fitting poorly or not at all. 

** Our procedures are designed as an immediate solution so that you will walk out with secure natural looking teeth in one day. Our treatment plans are specific to each patient and while you will never leave our office without teeth, fixing your new teeth to the implants may need to be delayed in order to deliver the best long term result.

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